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VSKI Professional Series 5-Shear Holsters


White Cowhide
White Snakeskin
Pink Cowhide
Pink Gator
Silver Snakeskin
Bronze Snakeskin
White Patent Leather
Black Leather
Red Ostrich
Sage Cowhide
Black Cowhide
Brown Snake
Black Snakeskin
Purple Snakeskin
Purple Gator
Burnt Orange Ostrich
Burgundy Cowhide
Brown Cowhide
Handcrafted shear holsters made from scratch by Chris Venesky himself. This holster holds up to 5 shears and has extra room for holding brushes, clips, etc. They are made from a lightweight Brazilian leather on the inside to keep its shape and form, where as the outside is made from vinyl to keep it water-resistant and to prevent stains. These holsters are well known in the hair show world as a Platform Artist’s go-to shear holster.