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From the beginning, VSKI Professional has set a goal of changing the Hair Industry. The large, corporate ecosystem of rigid manufacturers led to a vision: put the power of the industry back in the hands of hairstylists. VSKI Professional founder, Chris Venesky, created this company to do just that. With over a quarter-century of experience as a hairstylist, educator, and industry spokesperson, Chris's vision is alive and VSKI Professional is the vehicle by which hairstylists all over the globe will learn to create their own styles the way they want using tools and products that allow them to do things they never thought were possible. This is what a reVolution looks like.


Our professional-only products are the best and cleanest products on the market. We are 100% Vegan, Sulfate Free, Sodium Chloride Free, Gluten Free. Not only have we made sure our products are as clean and safe as could be, we have also added VSKICOMPLEX, a proprietary enrichment compound containing vegetable-based proteins that protect and strengthen your hair during thermal styling. Who doesn't want to be protected from all the heat we throw at our hair on a daily bases? And who could have thought we could actually make our hair feel stronger with heat?


Caring for your hair with the most beneficial ingredients on the market is our commitment for you to get a great return on your investment! We believe that you must get something out of your investment in us, and that something is stronger, healthier hair that does not accelerate fading of your hair color and texturizing treatments.

Another goal in life for us is to help your clients reproduce the look that they get in the salon. Don't you wish that your client could go home and recreate the style you gave them time after time? If they had access to the same quality products you used in the course of styling their hair the chances of them recreating the look at home would increase dramatically. Allow our products to help bring better outcomes and ease to your client's hair care regiment with quality ingredients and outstanding performance. Help keep your clients from getting stuck in a rut or becoming frustrated that they are not able to achieve the outcome they expected. Be inspired to CREATE A NEW YOU!

Love your hair like we do and let our products MAKE YOUR HAIR DANCE!


We are a company founded by hairstylists, run by hairstylists, creating amazing products for hairstylists. Our team of expert, experienced stylists are taking the industry by storm. Postmodern education that puts the creative power back in the hands of hairstylists everywhere. Superior products to create and maintain the creative, perfect works of art every hairstylist dreams of making. These are the leaders of the VSKI ReVolution.



Founder & Owner

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