About Our Education

There has been an ongoing disconnect between manufacturers and stylist. Most think that us hairstylists just need a good product line to make us successful. That is only part of the equation.  We need to be inspired, motivated, and supported. We need business skills that help us track our growth. We need education that actually adds value to our life as real hair stylist. We need manufacturers to stay true to their word to support us. At VskiProfessional, we understand the needs of stylists on every level because we ARE stylists. This company is ran by hair stylists who have not only seen long hours behind the chair but also how manufacturers work behind the scenes. We know what makes you happy, because those same things make us happy!

VskiProfessional is a revolution for hairstylists. We offer motivational, inspirational, business, styling and cutting classes.  Let us help you grow your business instead of just selling you a product.  Learning never stops your creativity or your individuality. We have a Post-Modern approach to education to reach all levels of stylists. In our industry right now we have MANY generations, where some of us are just getting started and others have many years of experience. It can be difficult to attend a class that is targeted to a certain audience that does not help you grow yourself as a stylist. We have created classes that can reach everyone. Anyone can learn something, and not only that, you can attend the same exact class over and over again and still retain new information. Our classes are about “creating a new you!” Getting rid of old habits that sometimes can be a hindrance and creating new ones to transform into a better version of you! Doesn’t that sound beautiful? 

We will journey with you through all levels of success.  From great products that make our job easier, to great innovative classes to refine and elevate your skills, to business strategies that are built to help you grow.  Once you become part of the VskiProfessional family, you have a partner for life!

Create Your Own Hair Cut

Have you ever been to a hands on class that taught you how to exactly replicate a specific haircut? Have you ever wanted to break the rules and step out of the box to do your own thing? Create Your Own is a specially designed hands on class that let’s you create your own haircut.  This class is about learning how to make your haircuts do what they were not designed to do.  As an attendee you are given many different techniques that are specific for customizing every haircut that you do.  Making hair dance and move like it never has before changes the game of what a normal haircutting class is.  This program helps you to envision a new normal for what education should be.  Our theory in this type of education is a form of post-modern education where you can attend the same class over and over again and always learn something new. 

Create Your Own – Hair Color

$1,000 Cup of Coffee
The 70% of Success Not Taught in School

This motivational class will bring inspiration back to your life by fueling you with information most business classes don’t give you.  If you’ve ever wondered what is keeping you and your business from reaching the next level, whether you are a salon owner or a stylist, it could be that you are missing one or more of the four key fundamentals of salon growth.  The experience, communication, dreaming the impossible dream, and casting visions while tracking your growth.  This class is guaranteed to energize you by helping you avoid common challenges most experience on the path to success.

$1000 Shot of Espresso

As we grow and experience success through opening salons or creating fashion forward trends there comes a time when people stop maximizing their potential.  Our ultimate goal is to not only give you insight into the possibilities of the beauty industry and hone in on your artistic and technical skills but to also increase your business knowledge allowing limitless possibilities in our industry! This is a class for hairstylists on a whole new level that will expand your mind with an exceptional way of looking at your business. This is a great follow up to “$1000 Cup of Coffee” presented by Chris Venesky, but we will dive deeper with a stronger dose of “coffee” by taking a step back and learning how to get out of the box on things you didn’t even know you were in the box with. Inspiration, motivation, real life skills, and techniques that are perfect for every hairdresser!