Announcing our new website!

Announcing our new website!

We are thrilled to announce the formal launch of our new website, For several months we have been working behind the scenes to prepare for this new roll-out, and we could not be more excited to be rolling it out to our loyal customers and amazing hairdressing community today. 

Ever since we started the VSKI Professional brand, our entire team has poured their heart and soul into everything we do. We are professional hairdressers ourselves, and understand the challenges facing hairdressers today. We live in unprecedented times, and as we navigate a global pandemic together, it's more important than ever to join together to support each other in everything we do. 

That's part of the reason why we do what we do here at VSKI Professional -- to support the network of stylists and professional hairdressers all over the country who demand more from their product partners. Today, more and more major hair brands are abandoning the stylists and salon owners who formed the core of the early audience that made them successful. These brands are focusing, instead, on doing deals with mega-distributors, nationwide drug store chains, and mammoth online retailers -- and where does that leave you? Ignored and unappreciated. 

We've built our business on an entirely different model. One in which we focus on individual hairdressers and individual consumers, and place an unprecedented priority on product quality. We sell and ship direct to customers from our salon, cosmetology school, and product warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina, and we are always available to all of our customers for any questions or needs they may have.

And our products themselves? We've built them from scratch, from the ground up, focusing on creating entirely unique formulas that are freed from the harmful chemical additives and industrial fillers that make up the bulk of so much of what's on the market today. We are vegan, sulphate and sodium chloride free, and even gluten-free. We've spent years perfecting the secret blend of superfoods and vegetable proteins that form the base of our innovative products, and the response from our customers and hairdressers has been universally positive -- this stuff works

You only get one head of hair, and -- if you're a professional hairdresser -- you only get one chance to form a meaningful, lasting relationship with that new client who's just come to you for advice, and who trusts you to guide them in their journey toward beautiful hair. Make a decision today to stop settling for less, and to try the product line that's making waves all throughout our industry today. VSKI Professional is ready to serve you, and we think you'll like the results. 

- The VSKI Professional Team

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