Founder & Owner

Chris is an active hairdresser who, for over 28 years, has played a role in every aspect of our industry. From assistant to stylist to eventual owner, his salons ranged from 2 to12 chairs and have been, both, commission based and booth rent. He spent 10 years as the Director of Education for a major East coast distributor teaching for numerous manufacturers. He is currently the owner and operator of VSKISALON and VSKICOSMETOLOGY SCHOOL in Charleston, SC.

Having noticed a missing link between manufacturers and hairstylists, Chris created VSKIPROFESSIONAL, a multi-dimensional environment where stylists can stay excited, stay informed, and feel a part of a family.

His goal is to help you create styles and cuts that you’ve never created before, to guide you through business development and growth, and maintain “butterfly” inducing motivation. All of these things are possible using his ground-breaking support, product and educational materials.

To reach his goal Chris assembled his dream team of professional stylists, a group as dedicated as him, to join him on his endeavor. His team has been involved from day one and thrives off of Chris’ vision and passion. The team’s “real world” salon experience gives them an unprecedented ability to recognize, meet and exceed the needs of stylists and makes VSKIPROFESSIONAL like no other brand in the industry.